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Restaurant “review” – Raynes Park Tavern

On Sunday, my boyfriend, brother and I went in search of a nice pub lunch in our local area. After some wandering we came across the Raynes Park Tavern. As usual, I checked the menu, and resigned to probably having to eat a baked potato, I went up to the bar to ask whether they … Continue reading

Restaurant review – Hell Pizza, Shepherd’s Bush

*** UPDATE: Was “glutened” after this visit to Hell Pizza. Be sure to ask them what cross contamination measures they take, and if in doubt, don’t risk it*** Mmmmmm….. Now before I start salivating again, I do have two gripes with Hell Pizza: They charge £2 extra for a gluten-free base (like we don’t already … Continue reading

Restaurant review – Pho, Wardour Street

Although my home cooking is now almost totally on track going gluten-free, it is always difficult and a bit nerve-wracking eating out. When my friend suggested we eat at Pho, a Vietnamese street food cafe in Soho, I scanned through their menu online and was impressed.  Most, if not all, of their dishes are based … Continue reading

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