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Sam is an autistic advocate, renewable energy and EV enthusiast, mother to a toddler, living in the Netherlands but originally British. She makes YouTube videos as Yo Samdy Sam. Tip Jar ---> https://ko-fi.com/yosamdysam
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From now on, all new posts will be made to http://www.thehappycoeliac.com A brand new domain name, more posts, and I will soon be offering ebooks, gluten-free coaching and more! Exciting times ahead.

Once again, the media fails to understand

I would have expected better from the BBC. This morning they have run a story about how the NHS “paid £17 for a gluten-free pizza base”, and as you would expect, the comments have been vicious: “I cannot believe the tax payers are paying for people’s food like this. I always knew the NHS was … Continue reading

Review: The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Berlin

I recently travelled to Berlin for the 6th World Skeptic Congress, as a speaker. I was put up in the conference hotel, the Crowne Plaza. Therefore all my expenses were paid for so I can’t comment on the value for money of this hotel. However, I can highly recommend this hotel as being a safe … Continue reading

Shakshuka: gluten-free hangover food sent from heaven

I may have had a bit to drink last night. I may have fallen over on the train home. Oops. See the soon-to-be glorious bruise below. I may or may not have been laughed at by several strangers, but I couldn’t possibly say. Needless to say, I’m feeling a little fragile today. Scrolling through Facebook, I … Continue reading

Not cool, Waitrose

I’m still pretty bitter about Waitrose pulling Isabel’s pizza mix from their stores. In my search for any remaining Waitrose’s that do still stock it (in vain, I might add) I discovered what they are replacing it with – Waitrose own brand “Love Life” (are they being ironic?) pre-packaged pizza bases! Unfortunately, their cunning plan … Continue reading

Waitrose stop stocking Isabel’s pizza mix, The Happy Coeliac revolts!

You may have noticed I’m a bit of a pizza fiend. Since going gluten-free almost a year ago to the day, Isabel’s pizza mix has given me the Sunday evening “pizza night” that has become a tradition in our household. However, Waitrose are clearly not impressed with Isabel. They have dramatically reduced the number of … Continue reading


For all those coeliac pizza lovers, please listen up! You do not have to live on those awful tiny pre-made, shop-bought monstrosities. You CAN eat freshly prepared pizza, at a low cost. This is not an advertisement. I am not being paid by these people. I am writing this out of sheer love for pizza, … Continue reading

Daal soup: gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan

I know things have been quiet in the Happy Coeliac recently. This has been mostly due to me getting a “real” i.e. 9-5 job, and thus having no real time to do anything except cook, eat and sleep. Now that I’m working, I’ve been working out the best way of doing lunches. There are a … Continue reading

My first trip abroad as a coeliac

On Thursday, I will be travelling to Zurich, Switzerland, to speak at Denkfest, a science and critical thinking festival organised by the Freethinkers Association of Switzerland. As well as being the first time I’ve been invited to speak at an event abroad (whoo!), it is also the first time I have had to eat a … Continue reading

Coeliac disease and lactose intolerance

One of the earliest memories I have of problems with my gut was from when I was about 13. I started getting stomach ache and feeling sick after breakfast. My typical breakfast was Coco Pops and milk, followed by a slice of toast with nutella (I know, very healthy, right? 😉 ). After a couple … Continue reading

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I'm Samantha, a freelance writer from London, UK. Since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in March 2011 I have embraced the gluten-free lifestyle, and am committed to finding delicious alternatives to my favourite foods!

I also have a personal blog.